Apr. 18th, 2017

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I'm so, so tired. We're working hard to train Poppy; we're taking some classes, and using a clicker, which she's responding really well to. I'm also now using "umbilical training" where you have the dog leashed to you or tethered in the same room. It keeps her from having accidents. And it does work, but damn, I get nothing else done. I was feeling so good about finally having a house routine and getting things under control, and now it's all been shot to hell.

I know that, like with kids, the more work I put in now, the easier it will be in the long run, but I'm exhausted right now. On the upside, she can at least get through the night without having to go out now, and she is learning the commands. And she barely jumps at all, which I love. I hate dogs jumping on me.

The cottonwoods are making me miserable. Headaches, exhaustion, and constant sniffles. I have a busy weekend coming up, but frankly I'm so tired I'm having trouble getting enthused about it. Especially having to do all the driving.

Mina is crying every night because of PARCC testing and "girl drama." At least the test are ending today.

I know I'm whining a lot. I'm just really struggling to stay positive right now.
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My mom's been cleared to have no more surgery. She was dianosed with a very rare and unusual disorder that creates this little tumors, but it's so rare no one in Colorado had ever seen it; they had to go to the WHO to get information on it. The prognosis is excellent and she'll probably not have to deal with it again, so that's wonderful.


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